Podiatry Clinic in Lymm

Our feet are among the most important parts of our body. We use them every day so it's vital that we keep them in the best possible condition. My name is Kim and I have been operating as a podiatrist, in Lymm and elsewhere, for over a decade. In both a private capacity and in service with the NHS, my primary goal is to make your feet feel better. Whether you're dealing with a muscular issue, an injury or a skin condition, my podiatry clinic in Lymm is the place to visit. Book an appointment today. I offer treatments by appointment only, so take a look at my price list below and then get in touch to confirm your slot.


What Can I Do For You?

Your feet are in good hands. Call me today on 07857 513 351 or email kim@thelymmpodiatryclinic.co.uk with any questions.






New patient appointment

This appointment involves a vascular and neurological assessment, full medical history, toe nail cutting, hard skin and corn removal and the use of oils and cream to moisturise and sooth the skin.


Routine appointment


Simple toe nail cutting

From £30

Verruca treatment

From £50

Toe nail reconstruction


Hot wax therapy

(or £30 following any other treatment)


Full descriptions of each of the aforementioned treatments are available on my Treatments page.